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Weight Loss Diets

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It's a perennial problem, too much body fat. Constantly people are driven to lose extra body fat so they go on deprivation diets in which they eliminate an entire food group from their diets. There must be a non-weight motivation for this kind of diet since it takes so much mental energy and special attention. I'll leave you to figure that out.

I remember the cabbage diet in which people ate cabbage soup EVERY BLESSED DAY. The soup looked really good but who can stand eating the same thing repeatedly day after day.

Weight Watchers has stood the test of time. That's a healthful eating regimen that people can stay on for life. I grew up eating WW with my obese relatives and it is quite good. I still eat WW for its excellent, delicious quality.

The Atkins diet was enormously popular in the late 1990's and early 2000's. It was an elimination diet in which carbs were scorned and avoided while meats and fats were scarfed down with abandon. The social drink of the Atkins diet was a clear, carb-free hard liquor.

People would have bbq's and serve grilled hamburgers without buns, toppings or condiments. Just cooked meat. It would be washed down with the aforementioned clear booze. Meat patties and clear hard alcohol. What a dinner party! Fresh fruits and vegetables were completely avoided. For a snack, they would have deep-fried pork rinds (pig's skin) and eschew fruits and veggies -"I cannot eat a carrot stick, that would put 20 pounds on me!" I'm not going to tackle the nutrition of such a diet but I'll bet they were all constipated the whole time. Was the health damage lifelong?

That diet trend went by the wayside for a few years but it has returned re-labeled as The Keto Diet and here we go again. Instead of following a healthy, balanced, dietary lifestyle with a healthy exercise regimen, the dieters are back to elimination of an entire food group - anything that has carbs is BAD and will make them fatter. What does the elimination of carbohydrates do to the human body? Yes, I know, ketosis. Let's not go there.

A recipe for de-licious, non-fattening Chocolate Pudding popped up on my feed. It is on a healthy recipe site. Yay ra-ra said people on the fitness and healthy foodie group! I like healthful and delicious so I clicked on it to see the recipe. Here is the recipe: take a blob of solid white fat from a can of coconut milk, stir in cocoa and some sweetener et voila! you have "carb free, non-fattening" keto Chocolate Pudding dessert. Yummy! Delicious! No guilt!

Here is the kicker - in order to lose body fat they eat blobs of fat flavored with cocoa and sweetener or any number of other things. Tell me, that works how? Forgive me if I sound incredulous. It makes no sense whatsoever to me.