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Another example of great customer service - Not!

Last night we turned on the stove to cook and nothing happened - we were out of propane. When we signed up for propane service 10 years ago we were put on 6 month automatic refill so how did we manage to run out this month?

I called the gas company and they said "Oh we changed our procedures - you have to call us and order gas when you only have a 30 day supply left." I asked "how do I know when it is that low?" the response was - "Look at the gauge" I pointed out that our tank doesn't have a gauge. "Oh you have an older tank that didn't come with a gauge".

So I asked "When did you notify me that I needed to call to order gas since for the last 10 years you have delivered it automatically?" "We sent letters out in 2012 - but something must have not worked because many or our customers didn't get the letter"

I pointed out that the last time they delivered any gas was back in January of 2013 - and suggested that if they just delivered gas once a year it would probably work pretty well since at some point each year they have to drive by the house. "Oh yes, they said, We go to your area every two weeks - in fact we were just there on Monday - and oh by the way - we won't be able to deliver gas to you now for two more weeks".

Thank you Superior Propane for such a good story to share with my all Friends. How do you expect me to make meals until April 23?

No wonder there is an exodus out of the region.