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Resisting The Green Dragon: A Biblical Response To One Of The Greatest Deceptions Of Our Day

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This is an ad for a one-of-a-kind dvd series, discussion guide and book presenting a Christian response to radical environmentalism.

"... one of the greatest threat to society and the church today is the multifaceted radical environmentalist movement.

-" Environmentalism has become a new religion. " A new religion. Say what??? They must feel threatened by it, not sure why.

-" Environmentalism's policies are devastating to the world's poor. " And living in a toxic environment isn't?

-" Environmentalism threatens the sanctity of life." Do they actually know what they are talking about? They talk as if they believe they do.

-"Environmentalism is targeting our youth." The youth of the world are not happy with the state of the earth that we have created to leave to them.

Click on the link to read more of the text.

Oh-kay, what this really is is ignorant xtian hate propaganda. This is the real America. This material is produced by real Americans. Got it? Confused? Yes, these people are serious, this is not a joke.

There isn't much info beyond this on the web site but I think it provides enough to give you a clue as to what's in their material. Who or what do you suppose the profits from sale of these materials support? I don't see an address but I do know that the area code 703 is Virginia. The scariest part of all is how many people believe this stuff and they are active voters.

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