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Will This Be The Way Of The Future?

Tags: Weather
I just got back from an enjoyable 4 mi walk to Malagawatch. Watched a fog bank move in on the return. There goes the sunshine. Perhaps the fog bank will keep moving - right out of town.

The temperature is warm this morning and a little muggy. Summer is finally here and it has been so for the last week. Normally we would be feeling the first tinges of fall, not the belated summer weather.

No sun and nothing but rain until early August has stunted the garden. The weather is off-kilter this year. Peas were harvested in August and green beans may be pickable over Labor Day, if we're lucky. So far only one summer squash, a small yellow zucchini, has come out of the garden. I collect the first tiny tomatoes maybe today. The one thing that has produced in abundance is the dahlia roots that were planted late in the spring.

The weather is broken.