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Traditional Garden Techniques Don't Work In Rainy Weather Like We Have Now

Tags: Gardening
We simply cannot till the soil this year, there has been too much rain and the soil is saturated. You could try but there is the chance the tiller or tractor would get bogged down and the soil would compact, making it harder for young plants to grow.

Raised beds can be planted now because they do not get tilled. Plus, it is easy to put a cold frame over them to warm the soil more quickly and protect delicate young plants.

A gentleman I was speaking with this morning is making raised beds out of old, large truck tires. He will fill them with soil and plant in them. Maybe now he can get parsnips to grow nice, deep roots for harvesting pate in the year or early next spring, when they are sweet. On second thought, could tires leach toxins into the food?