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Look Out, More Weather's A-Coming!

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According to various weather forecasts, we are in for a 1-2 whammy of weather, starting Wednesday, then again on the weekend. The first storm could be a classic nor'easter but right now the expectation is for 4-8" / 10-20 cm accumulation. It is too soon to know what the second storm will be. The forecast is calling for heavy snow, starting Saturday night into Sunday. It is that time of year and some big storms are inevitable, a simple fact of life.

This week it would be wise to stock up on essentials and plan to hunker down for days, if necessary, but I doubt it will come to that. I have a long-standing tradition of baking bread during big snowstorms that began back in the mid-70's when we got snowed in for a week with temps hovering around -40 and ferocious winds blowing up impenetrable drifts across the roads.