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Insomnia, No Reason Why + Requisite Weather Comments

Tags: Life on Marble Mountain Cape Breton Island
The night before last I tossed & turned all night long and last night I slept well. There was no reason for a restless night Tuesday night, I went ice skating that afternoon. Surely a good little spell on the ice would have helped ensure a good night's sleep but that was not the case.

The skating was absolutely wonderful! I'll skate on a rink but outdoors on a lake is so much better. We skated on a beaver lake on BHI. The surface was smooth, despite a coating of fluffy snow.

Now on to the weather. We are getting a lot worse weather than the forecast predicted. I regrettably left my work in the office yesterday, thinking I'd be able to get in to PH this morning. Nope. I will stay put until the driving conditions get a lot safer. I do not want to put my nice Subaru in a ditch. When I got up this morning there was but a thick dusting of snow. It quickly piled up and the strong wind is swirling the snow and obliterating visibility. I haven't even gone out to see my chickens this morning. I need to dress for the weather and go out there and see how my hens and roosters are faring. One good thing is that it's not too cold and their combs won't frostbite nor will the eggs freeze & crack.

I just heard that PH is getting freezing rain/hail and the weather is expected to worsen.