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Tags: shaking things up
My mother's blood runs cold when the phone rings at 6:00 a.m. and it's my son's voice. He said he was nearly rocked out of bed at 5:06 this morning. Maybe there's some exaggeration on his part, his two room-mates slept through it. He's a Davis, and an Anderson on the other side, and they like telling a good story, even if it requires some exaggeration for embellishment.

The headline in the Washington Post exclaims "Mild earthquake hits D.C. area" We moved here from Gaithersburg, where the epicenter is located. From the Washington Post: The U.S. Geological Survey reported a 3.6 magnitude earthquake centered in Montgomery County at 5:04 a.m. Friday.

The epicenter was in Gaithersburg near the intersection of Forest Brook and Waring Station roads (39.145°N, 77.222°W), USGS reported in a preliminary finding. Its depth was 3.1 miles.

Authorities in the District and Montgomery and Arlington counties said there were no reports of damage, though many residents were dialing 911 to report the rumbling.

“We are getting flooded with calls,” a Montgomery County police spokesperson said.

Amy Vaughan, a spokesperson for USGS, said the quake was the largest recorded within about 30 miles of Washington since a database was created to track such activity in 1974. Previously, the largest earthquake reported during that time period was a 2.6 magnitude tremor in 1990.

"So this is pretty significant for your area," Vaughan said in a telephone interview with WRC-TV (Channel 4).

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