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Historic Graveyard on Graveyard Cove

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Today a group of us went back to the pioneer graveyard to do a little further cleaning of the site. In all, it was Kit & myself, Tom & Jean, John & Pat, Dave D, Jim B, Hughie (he was there earlier in the day) and all our pooches. We attempted to burn the brush & branches that we had cleared & piled up off to the side of the graveyard last week but the strong wind kept blowing out the flames. Even the best pyromaniac among us, Eagle scout Kit, was unable to keep the flames going. We will keep at it, weekend after weekend, until eventually we get the work completed.

Jean thinks she may have located a few more graves in the direction of the water. If the clearing is enlarged, that should help us to identify the sites of any unlocated graves. (Thank you, Hughie, for all your work.)

It is likely that the original settlers were Presbyterian. Where would we find burial records? I did a web search for local historical burial records or graveyards but this one must have escaped the librarian.

The names engraved on the headstones are MacDonald, Campbell, MacKenzie and MacKay. Several folks have taken pix that I hope will be clear enough to put on the community's web page (there is a Flickr account). Does anyone know how to do headstone rubbings? Those would be nice to have, as the engravings on the headstones are gradually etching away.