Why the coronavirus pandemic is a test Facebook can’t afford to fail

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Do you trust Mark Zuckerberg. I don't, especially as he is largely responsible for putting Donald Trump in office.

He also allowed interference with elections in other countries to circulate on FB, some successful and some not.

My Facebook page is officially closed. He won't get another red cent from my account. Good riddance.

Click on the link to read the full story and be sure to read some of the comments below.

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Making Lemonade When Life Gives You Lemons

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Local distilleries and brewhouses have turned their talents to making hand sanitizer instead of brew. They have managed to produce a product in demand.

Who would have thought that brewhouses and distilleries survive the pandemic and come out ahead at a time when no one is socializing at their establishments? Kudos to them for coming out ahead with a something we all want and need.

If you want to read about using sanitizer from brew as an antiseptic, read Outlander. Dr. Claire does it often.

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A Silver Lining, With Coloured Sprinkles

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In this time of crisis, isolating ourselves to keep from spreading the Covid 19 corona virus to others in an abundance of caution (no, I do not have CV19), we take joy in the small things. Small things in the shape of cupcakes put in the freezer months ago.

These are banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting and coloured sprinkles. After thawing the cupcakes, I tried one and they are still delicious.

The frosting looks a little wrinkled on the surface and wasn't as pretty as the day they were made so I copied a picture off the internet that look most like my cupcakes. (Photo credit to Browneyed Baker.)

What a nice surprise I found buried in the bottom of the freezer and a delicious treat. It surely lifted my spirits.

As I work my way through the freezer while in self-isolation, I wonder what other delectable surprises I will find.


The Efficacy Of Social Distancing, Anecdote 2

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My father was born in Easton, MD, in October of 1918.  Easton was probably a town of a thousand people or fewer at that time. 

For my Dad's 80th birthday, my sister put together a scrapbook of old pictures, etc.  My brothers thought to include his birth announcement and went to the library and searched the archives (microfiche) for that week's newspaper. 

  The paper was at that time published on a weekly (or less) basis.   

When they found the little birth notice, they realized it was surrounded by 2+ pages of obituaries - all victims of the Spanish Flu.

A true story from Kit.


Radical Change Is Necessary

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The cable networks and other news organizations that are taking the president’s briefings as live feeds should stop doing so.

We are not obliged to assist him in misinforming the American public about the spread of the virus, and what is actually being done by his government.

There is a very real possibility that in broadcasting these press conferences live or in quickly publishing and blasting out his words in mobile alerts, we are actively misinforming our audience.

Excerpted from The Washington Post, Opinion Piece. Click on the link for the full article and see what you think of it.

Just look at his photo, if you can bear it. That is one hideous excuse for a human being. Just looking at him makes me queasy. Utterly disgusting. I look forward to the day when we don't see his picture everywhere. Sorry for posting it.

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Where The New Viruses Come From

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Do you think the current outbreak was inevitable?

Oh, sure. It was predictable. All you need to do is to better manage how we establish rules and regulations. We’re not doing that. We’re not establishing the kind of safe practices that will minimize the opportunity for spillover.

If we better understood where these viruses are circulating and understood that ecology, we would have the potential to disrupt and minimize the risk of spillover.

Open the link to read the entire article. It's worth the read.

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The Efficacy Of Social Distancing

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Hughie is my neighbour. He and I are old enough to remember stories of what life was like during the Spanish Flu and other diseases.

We both think that the causeway onto Cape Breton Island should be closed, with only essential traffic allowed to cross. This Covid 19 pandemic needs to be taken as seriously as possible. People nearby WILL die. A certain percentage of people who get this flu and survive will have some damage to their lungs and possibly other organs. People who aren't taking precautions could very well be the vector responsible for spreading Covid 19 to Cape Breton Island and be responsible for ending the lives of other people on this island. Is that something you want to live with for the rest of your days?

Social Distancing works. For the love of God and all that is holy, STAY HOME. You can get drive-by groceries from Superstore. Someone will bring groceries out to your car so you don't need to be exposed or expose others if you are infected and don't know it yet.

My grandparents were born in the early 1890's. When the Spanish flu hit, they already had their first two babies. My mom spoke of a child in her neighborhood with Whooping Cough. I had a friend in school who had a lame leg from Polio. We take health warnings very seriously.

Here is a true story from Hughie.

During the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918-20,the disease took a toll on the village in Marble Mountain.

There was a hotel on the western side of “the dump” called the BlueBerry Hotel. This location is where the tailings from the quarry were deposited and today it is is referred by many as “the look-off”.

This hotel was converted into a hospital for the pandemic.

Locals from the time documented , a coffin a day was coming out of the Blue Berry Hotel in Marble Mountain.

My grandmother, Mary Calder, was pregnant with my mother in 1918. The family was living in the old homestead here in Malagawatch , just 4 kilometres away from the Blue Berry Hotel.

My mother was born on July 8th, 1919 in the Calder homestead. During that time, they did not mingle in Marble Mountain because of the pandemic..they had the main staples of survival here on the farm and from the lake.

The fact I’m here today to relate this story is testament that “social distancing” worked in days of yore..

Stay safe, Hughie Thank you, Hughie, for permission to share this story.

Note: The picture is of Hughie's mother. hughmom.png

I am on 14 day self-isolation after my drive to Florida and back. I do not want to be the vector who introduces the Covid 19 corona virus to my neighbors. - Maggie

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Day 1: 30-Day Social-Distancing Challenge FREE and available to EVERYONE

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Staying at home and keeping upbeat through these uncertain times is difficult. To help, we have created this FREE program, designed to be simple enough to get you moving at home. We have made it available to everyone and challenge you to complete it alongside us! - Coach Sam

This is the program I follow. I pay for it, it's worth it, but you get it for free for a month. Coach Sam and coach Valbo will be guiding us through 30 days of workouts, each day different. I'll be doing it. Will you do it with me?

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Suspension of visa processing for Mexican seasonal workers hits U.S. farms, fisheries

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This is not good. There is going to be a food shortage. I've thought for years that there was a food crisis was coming but I thought it would be later, maybe not in my lifetime. We're going to see it in the next few weeks, if not now.

I started 3 varieties of lettuce seeds yesterday. More to come soon. Bless my garden.

Inch by inch, row by row, we're gonna make this garden grow, all it takes is a rake and a hoe and a piece of fertile ground. - Arlo Guthrie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QTj45cTB4U

I'll be planting some extra for my family, friends and neighbors. I'll be extra diligent in timing the plantings, watering and weeding to make the garden as productive as I can manage. This will be the year I set up a real farm market at the road.

I'm on Day 3 of self-isolation. 11 more days to go. After that, I have no place to go since we all have to keep social distancing for a long time to come.

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