Britain Has a Russia Collusion Scandal Now. It Looks Exactly Like Trump’s

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The most important thing to understand about the Russia scandal is that it perfectly fits a clear pattern of behavior. What Vladimir Putin is accused of doing to help Donald Trump win the presidency is essentially identical to what he is either accused of or proven to have done to help many other right-wing candidates in many other countries. As the plot in the United States is slowly exposed, a remarkably similar one in the United Kingdom is quickly surfacing.

This could happen here. It could happen anywhere. It happened in the U.S. and other countries around the globe. Stay informed, stay alert. Vote carefully.

Click on the link for more information. Excerpts from nymag.com.

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Study Outlines Reasons To Ban Electronic Collars For Dogs

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A review of the scientific research finds there are risks to using electronic collars in dog training and says it's time for a ban.

Last year, a position statement from the European College of Veterinary Clinical Ethologists argued against the use of electronic collars in dog training and for a Europe-wide ban on their sale and use.  Now an article in the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour by Dr. Sylvia Masson et al explains the reasons behind their position that electronic shock collars should not be used.

The paper looks at the scientific evidence and demolishes all of these reasons. Ultimately, the use of electronic training collars poses risks to animal welfare, as found in Ziv’s earlier review of aversive training methods more generally.

For example, people who use shock collars may end up paying more on a dog trainer or behaviourist if use of the collar affects their relationship with the dog or the dog’s welfare. The application of shock may result in fear, aggression or learned helplessness. Poor timing on the part of the trainer will increase these risks.

Studies show increased fear and stress in dogs trained with shock collars. And it is possible for dogs to associate this with things other than the behaviour being punished, for example with the trainer, the location of the training, or (in the case of boundary fences) with people or dogs who happen to be walking by.

Meanwhile, there is no research that suggests electronic training collars are more effective. In contrast, there is some research that suggests positive reinforcement leads to better results. (For example, one study found no benefits to the use of shock collars to teach recall but some risks to animal welfare).

The scientists also consider people’s sources of information about dog training, which are often poor. This means many people may not know positive reinforcement is a better way to train dogs.

if anyone is wondering whether or not to use an electronic collar on their dog, this article gives many reasons not to do so.

If you need help with your dog’s behaviour, choose a good dog trainer who will use positive reinforcement.

Professional organizations recommend the use of reward-based training methods (see seven reasons to use reward-based training methods).  You might also like my post the ultimate dog training tip. You can also read about my own article (published in the same issue of the Journal of Veterinary Behavior) on why don't more people use positive reinforcement to train dogs.

Excerpted from Companion Animal Psychology.

Click on the link below to read more.
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Tell DHS to Stop Ripping Immigrant Families Apart At The Border

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Click on the link below to take action to make this abuse stop.

The wording is for the USA but I can't see why it woulnd't work anywhere else. Sign this petition. Help the babies, children and their parents become reunited.

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose and the children and babies are at vast risk.

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As of Thursday, 11,432 migrant children are in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services, up from 9,000 at the beginning of May.

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The number grows larger every single day.

Excerpts from The Washington Post, lightly edited (link at bottom):

Nearly 2,000 immigrant children were separated from their parents during six weeks in April and May, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Such a situation could have long-term, devastating effects on young children, who are likely to develop what is called toxic stress in their brain once separated from caregivers or parents they trusted. It disrupts a child’s brain development and increases the levels of fight-or-flight hormones in their bodies, Kraft said. This kind of emotional trauma could eventually lead to health problems, such as heart disease and substance abuse disorders.

To pretend that separated children do not grow up with the shrapnel of this traumatic experience embedded in their minds is to disregard everything we know about child development, the brain, and trauma.

Though the policy has been enacted and touted by his own administration, Trump has avoided publicly owning it and, instead, on Twitter blamed Democrats for “forcing the breakup of families at the Border with their horrible and cruel legislative agenda.”

Health and Human Services blames Congress, saying its inability to pass legislation on border security “created perverse and dangerous incentives for illegal border crossings and child smuggling.”

Lost in the partisan wrangling and finger-pointing was the long-term impact on children.

As partisan and as divisive as the whole topic of immigration is, we need to start with what’s right. Can we start with just keeping parents and children together while we figure out some of the other details?

The kids need to come first. America is better than this.

Trump could fix this in a minute, if he wanted to. I hate the president and this Republican administration of the United States of America. Really hate. I hate what the USA has become.

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This Is Trump's America: Torture - A New Level Of Evil

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ICE has torn a nursing baby from its mother. The mother was terribly upset so she was handcuffed. Isn't this the kind of thing the nazis did?

A sudden change in diet will make a baby ill with stomach pains. Sudden weaning can cause mastitis in the mom. Mastitis makes moms very ill with a high fever, severe flu-like symptoms and localized infection. Then there is the psychological trauma to both mother and baby.


It’s All Too Much And We Still Have to Care

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How many days has the ICE been separating children and babies from their mothers and fathers? They even pulled a nursing baby girl off her mother's nipple. There is something desperately wrong with the people who are doing this.

Understand that only a number of immigrants came to the border illegally. Many of these people arrived at designated entrnaces to the U.S. They followed the procedure to the best of their ability.

Why isn't there more outrage? Has anyone in the Trump administration a conscience? Is there no regard for the long-term and permanent damage they are doing? The evilness and cruelty of this policy is breathtaking.

Politicians talk and talk about the issue while day after day more and more families are traumatically broken apart. So much for the party of family values.

What’s going on at the border is horrifying but we can’t go numb and turn away.

In 2014 the Obama administration detained hundreds of families and unaccompanied minors crossing the border, a practice that the federal courts quickly curtailed. But separating families as a matter of unofficial policy is something new and malicious, a function of President Trump’s obsession with undocumented immigrants. This spring, the administration ordered that everyone caught crossing illegally into the United States be prosecuted. And since children cannot accompany grown-ups to jail, people who had crossed illegally with children had their children taken away. Hundreds upon hundreds of children, of all ages, creating a new industry in mass shelters.

The United Nations human rights office called this new practice a serious violation of the rights of children and demanded an immediate halt. Catholic bishops denounced it as immoral. The American Psychological Association warned that the separations threatened the mental and physical health of the children. All to no avail.

The eviction of Trump and the rest of his administration can't come too soon.

Click on the link below to read more from Slate.

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A Family Was Separated At The Border And This Distraught Father Took His Own Life

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Muñoz’s death occurred not long after the Trump administration began implementing its “zero tolerance” crackdown on illegal migration, measures that include separating parents from their children and the threat of criminal prosecution for anyone who enters the United States unlawfully.

Soon after Muñoz and his family were taken into custody, they arrived at a processing station in nearby McAllen and said they wanted to apply for asylum. Border Patrol agents told the family they would be separated. That’s when Muñoz “lost it,” according to one agent, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the incident. “The guy lost his s---,” the agent said. “They had to use physical force to take the child out of his hands.”

If someone tried prying my babies out of my arms, I'd go bonkers, too. I don't know many parents who wouldn't go "off the rails" over that. We all know what happens to children when they don't have caring parents to look after them. It's horrible. Some of these parents and children will never see each other again. It's anyone's guess how many children are in the hands of sex traffickers. All these children will be traumatized for life. These were whole families when they arrived at the border crossing requesting asylum so they could raise their children in safety and with hope. This is a perfect recipe for mental illness, workplace failure and societal ills.

Munoz leaves behind a wife and three-year-old son.

I am totally horrified at what Trump and his Republican administration of the U.S. are doing to these unfortunate people. Jeff Sessions is behind this policy with the backing of Trump and all his Christians comrades in that heinous administration. Why do this to people in the first place? Refugees made this long trip on foot under terrible duress to begin with. Why make it so much worse for them when all they want is asylum? These refugees have no place to go back to, they will be killed if they return.

Click on the link below to read more of the story by Washington Post. Read it and weep.

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Beware Your Dog On Hot Asphalt

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Temps as low as 77F/25C can burn your pet's paws.

Be kind and walk your pet on cool surfaces.