First Sighting Of A Hummingbird

First hummingbird of the season was just sighted at the feeder. It is a male.


Asparagus Is Up, Better Late Than Never

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First vegetable harvest of the season, aside from herbs! The asparagus is showing its pink tips.

In earlier years, the asparagus would have been up for a week or two. The wintry weather over the last week has slowed the emergence of the spears.

Some years we would have been harvesting the spears by now.

The asparagus will take another few weeks to be ready for harvest.


The Plandemic Video: a textbook example of effective propaganda, explained

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Why It’s Important To Push Back On ‘Plandemic’—And How To Do It

Aristotle introduced a concept over two thousand years ago that remains more relevant than ever: modes of persuasion, or rhetorical appeals. The three main appeals speakers can use to persuade others are ethos, pathos and logos.

1. Ethos is an appeal to the credibility and authority of the speaker, how they come across.

2. This video successfully employs “pathos” and “ethos” to persuade people.

3. Logos is an appeal to facts and logic.  This is where the film falls flat—but it doesn’t matter to many people because it so successfully uses ethos and pathos.

Many people try to avoid drama or debates on their social media accounts, and I respect that. But this video is not a time to “agree to disagree” because the stakes are too high. It’s a matter of life and death. The false statements in this video can cause deaths.

I know many people just don’t have the energy right now to push back—we’re all strung out, burnt out, stressed, and tired—so be strategic about what you can tolerate. You might need to say, “I’m sorry, I care about you as a person, but I cannot allow you to share dangerous, harmful misinformation about a life or death situation, so I will need to unfriend you until the pandemic is over.” 

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Cheap Eats: Cookbook Shows How To Eat Well On A Food Stamp Budget - a cookbook full of recipes anyone could make on a budget of just $4 a day

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"You choose what vegetables you want, so I used tomato and a green-striped crookneck squash, which was the cheapest I could find," says Sanders. "It is so, so good." Mahoney agrees.

"My kids loved the recipe," she says.

Mahoney cooks for her two children and herself, much like Mia Pickering, who lives in Seattle with her two teenagers. Sanders, Mahoney and Pickering have all been on SNAP for a number of years. They say Good and Cheap, which they discovered online, works better for them than anything else they've been able to find and that's important when what they can cook determines how well they and their families can eat.

"Cooking is definitely more economical and healthier than buying premade foods," says Mahoney.

Pickering thinks so, too. For her, it's easier to cook fresh than heat up frozen meals. It means she and her children throw less food away and exercise better portion control.

"Many authors have tried hard to come up with cheap meals, but they taste so bad. Leanne is so gifted. It's just incredible," says Sanders.

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Stronger Together: Tune in as Canadian celebrities rally to support Food Banks Canada Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne and Mike Myers join the all-star lineup of the 90-minute show that airs April 26

Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne and Mike Myers join the all-star lineup of the 90-minute show that airs April 26
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MPC Live Yoga Session Saturday, April 25, at 10AM (PDT) 2:00 EST

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Coach Melissa Mooney is a wonderful yoga instructor. I think you will love her and her classes. Will you join me for a yoga session tomorrow? Saturday, April 25, at 1:00 EST and 2:00 Atlantic time

From My Peak Challenge:

We're excited to announce that we will be streaming our first-ever MPC Live Yoga Session this Saturday, April 25, at 10AM (PDT) on @MyPeakChallenge Instagram. 

This session is designed to complement the Warrior Series featured in the MPC Social Distancing Challenge. We will build and flow through the sequence together, and then finish with a short guided meditation. You will need a yoga mat (or towel or just a rug) and a set of blocks (or two large books or family-sized cans of beans or similar), and keep a folded blanket nearby in case of any sensitivity in your knees. 

No previous yoga experience is required to follow along. We will do our best to provide modifications for differing abilities, but the most important thing will be to listen to your body. If you need to take a break, please do. The goal to aim for is muscle activation and fatigue, so if you start to feel strain in your joints, back out of the posture a little or take one of the modifications offered.

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Why the coronavirus pandemic is a test Facebook can’t afford to fail

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Do you trust Mark Zuckerberg. I don't, especially as he is largely responsible for putting Donald Trump in office.

He also allowed interference with elections in other countries to circulate on FB, some successful and some not.

My Facebook page is officially closed. He won't get another red cent from my account. Good riddance.

Click on the link to read the full story and be sure to read some of the comments below.

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Making Lemonade When Life Gives You Lemons

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Local distilleries and brewhouses have turned their talents to making hand sanitizer instead of brew. They have managed to produce a product in demand.

Who would have thought that brewhouses and distilleries survive the pandemic and come out ahead at a time when no one is socializing at their establishments? Kudos to them for coming out ahead with a something we all want and need.

If you want to read about using sanitizer from brew as an antiseptic, read Outlander. Dr. Claire does it often.

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A Silver Lining, With Coloured Sprinkles

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In this time of crisis, isolating ourselves to keep from spreading the Covid 19 corona virus to others in an abundance of caution (no, I do not have CV19), we take joy in the small things. Small things in the shape of cupcakes put in the freezer months ago.

These are banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting and coloured sprinkles. After thawing the cupcakes, I tried one and they are still delicious.

The frosting looks a little wrinkled on the surface and wasn't as pretty as the day they were made so I copied a picture off the internet that look most like my cupcakes. (Photo credit to Browneyed Baker.)

What a nice surprise I found buried in the bottom of the freezer and a delicious treat. It surely lifted my spirits.

As I work my way through the freezer while in self-isolation, I wonder what other delectable surprises I will find.


The Efficacy Of Social Distancing, Anecdote 2

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My father was born in Easton, MD, in October of 1918.  Easton was probably a town of a thousand people or fewer at that time. 

For my Dad's 80th birthday, my sister put together a scrapbook of old pictures, etc.  My brothers thought to include his birth announcement and went to the library and searched the archives (microfiche) for that week's newspaper. 

  The paper was at that time published on a weekly (or less) basis.   

When they found the little birth notice, they realized it was surrounded by 2+ pages of obituaries - all victims of the Spanish Flu.

A true story from Kit.