Shock Collars Are Bad

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 A breeder sent a Boston Terrier to a trainer who used a shock collar. The puppy was only acting like a typical mouthy puppy. Here is the results.

The breeder got him back today. He is extremely timid, sticking to her like velcro.

He hasn't tried to bite throughout a bath, a car ride, all sorts of handling and is getting along well with her group.

She rode home with him in the passenger seat and when he tried to climb over to her, she told him no and he immediately jerked his head back in anticipation of being shocked.

This was abuse, plain and simple. And this trainer charged the owner $2200 for this "training".

This once confident puppy is now stressed and timid.

Attached is a photo of the underside of his neck. He is safe now and will receive the care and treatment he deserves.

If you think these devices are good to use on any dog, you are a massive jerk and you can expect a fight from me. There are cruelty-free ways to train dogs without using torture.

If you think shock collars are okay, buy two and wear one yourself. Give youself a jolt every time your pup gets a jolt. This pup is the equivalent of a two year old human. Let that sink in.

If you are too busy or too lazy to do decent, kind training, then what are you doing with a dog in the first place? Get a goldfiish.


The Hummies Are Here

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The hummingbirds have arrived and it took all of overnight for them to swoop the humans and begin the bickering among themselves.

Day 1 and there were 3 sightings.

Normally the first arrivals are transients passing through but these first arrivals appear to be staying.

Nectar should be made 4:1 water:sugar. Any blend in a greater or lesser quantity can harm the hummingbirds.

Use only pure can sugar in boiled water.

NEVER use red colouring,

Clean the feeders once to twice weekly in cooler temps, more frequently during hot weather. Bacterial and mold growth can kill them.


Municipality of the County of Inverness SPRING CLEAN UP

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Spring clean-up is the week of May 14th-May 18th on your regular collection day. 

The following items will NOT be collected:

(1) animal matter;

(2) any single item weighing greater than seventy-five (75) pounds;

(3) debris resulting from building demolition, renovation, addition or construction; (C&D)

(4) automobile parts including tires;

(5) electronics

(6) leaf or yard waste

(7) paint (goes to enviro-depot)

(8) clothing (bins throughout the county)

Blue Bags will not be collected this week only

Material should be placed curbside no earlier than 2 days prior to the Residents regular collection day

Material will be left if it is wet and/or placed curbside longer than 2 days prior to collection day

Material such as mattresses, couches, chairs needs to be covered

If you have any questions please call 787-3503.

Please note that during this time blue bags will not be collected.

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Marble Mountain Road Trash Pickup Day May 12, Rain Date May 13 Or When You Can Get To It

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It's that time of year again - it's time to get out on the roadside and collect the trash that has accumulated on the roadside and in the ditches over the past year.

I don't know the date for big trash pickup and I will let you know when I find out.

Don't feel you have to stick to the pickup dates here, you can do it anytime. Just consider that the road trash pickup should be done before that date. Pick a nice weather day and chore will be enjoyable.


Evening Grosbeaks Have Arrived

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Yesterday an Evening Grosbeak appeared at the feeder. It is an adult male and very attractive.

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Asian Lady Beetle (Bad) vs Ladybug (Good)

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Know the difference... I've had this question a few times in the past couple of weeks: lady bugs vs. asian lady beetles one is good; one is bad!!!
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Winter Is Hanging On

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On the third day of Spring, a winter storm will be moving in.


Happy Saint Patrick's Day - Erin Go Bragh!

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A Tree's Life

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A Tree’s Life Tree-Banding Research Program

A Tree’s Life is a citizen science study of backyard tree growth in response to global climate change. Your tree can tell us a lot about forests of the future.

A Tree's Life is looking for more citizen scientists. Will you join?

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Electric shock pet collars to be banned for being ‘unnecessary and cruel’

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"This type of device is not only painful for a dog, it can have a serious negative impact on their mental and physical well-being."

"A dog can't understand when or why it's being shocked and this can cause it immense distress, with many dogs exhibiting signs of anxiety and worsened behaviour as a result."

It's utterly flabbergasting that anyone with a sense of decency, affection for a pet, simple compassion and just plain intellect would put one of these on a living creature. The cruelty of it just floors me.

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