"President" Shit-For-Brains

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What is it going to take for the Republican party in power to pretend they have morals and a sense of decency and get this p-o-s out of office? The piece of garage that is masqeurading as POTUS needs to be removed and sent away someplace secure where he can do no more harm.

Who thought that giving him the presidency would be good for the country? Why?

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Happy New Year 2018

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New Year's Annual Marble Mountain Day Polar Bear Dip And Chili Cook-Off 1:00 p.m. MacInnis Beach/Marble Mountain Hall

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Come join in the good times on New Year's Day!

Marble Mountain will be holding its annual Polar Bear Dip followed by a Chili contest in the hall. Due to a think layer of ice going to the wharf, the dip will be at MacInnis Beach in Lime Hill, next to the cemetery.

Get there a few minutes early. The dip will be held promptly at 1:00.

If you plan to do the dip, consider wearing a pair of thick wool socks. The beach bottom can be rough, extra cold and slippery. Your feet will thank you. And bring a big towel and/or blanket.

Following the dip, in Marble Mountain Hall, there will be a contest for the Golden Spoon, which is awarded to the person who is judged to have made the best chili. Does this sound like fun? Bring your best chili and enter it in the competition. You could be the next holder of the Golden Spoon trophy.

This is always a fun event and we get good food as a bonus.

Donations go to L'Arche.


Nova Scotia Power - Please report outages and downed lines to 1-877-428-6004.

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Please report outages and downed lines to 1-877-428-6004.

Nova Scotia Weather Service

Some very high wind gusts out there at this hour.

7:00 PM Wind Gusts:

Osborne Head: 124km/h

Halifax Kootenay: 114km/h

Eskasoni: 98km/h

Lunenburg: 96km/h

CFB Greenwood: 94km/h

Debert: 92km/h

Bedford Basin: 87km/h

Halifax Stanfield Int'l Airport: 87km/h

Baccaro Point: 80km/h

As a result, ss of 7:24 p.m., 87,037 customers are without power.

I will continue to post power outage updates through the evening. If you have any questions as well, just let me know.


#MeToo Continues

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This morning a neighbour guy stopped by to borrow a tool. Before he left, he commented on a photo I had posted on Facebook. My husband replied "I'll take care of her when I get in the house." I'll take care of her? I'LL TAKE CARE OF HER! What is that supposed to mean? It was male bonding by trashing a woman. Even after all the news about the #MeToo movement, they still feel quite comfortable making disparaging, controlling remarks about women. They are so comfortable in their male privilege that they feel impervious to repercussions. Of course they do. They impugned me and happily went on their way. What could I have said or done without making it worse? I know all men are not sexist jerks but I seem to have an abundance of them in my life. When will this change?

These men are not fools. They understand exactly what they are doing. They don't care that it affects all the women in their lives. They have seen all the news about assaults and indignities. They don't care. They are certain that they are better than women and deserve all the privilege they enjoy.

When I point out the harassment in any of its forms, the men get angry. They act as if I have a nerve to notice the disparity in how women are treated vs. how men are treated. They could just as easily stand up for girls and women but they choose not to. "Don't rock the boat. Keep the status quo." I'm not going to do that. I won't put up, shut up and suck it up ever again. I won't back down. Rest assured that there will be more fodder for this battle in future posts. Never again will I accept the abuse in the name of peace. My granddaughters deserve better.

After all, this is why Trump won the presidency and Hillary lost.

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#Me Too, Up Close And Personal - When Sexism Is Aimed At You, It Feels Like Hate

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The men who perpetrate sexist attitudes, sexist remarks and sexual assault still don't get it, even after all the media attention the #Me Too has gotten. They really do feel immune to the effects of their assaults on their victims. It seems that they really do not care about women and girls. They refuse to change. They simply refuse to act like they care and as if it doesn't even matter. What especially offends is when demeaning comments are directed at a family member, even a young girl but never a male. How insanely callous is that, their own flesh & blood and young children at that. This is what I am dealing with in my own family.

What is it going to take to get men to stop these attacks on women, children and girls, sometimes as young as toddlers? Their cruelty astounds me. Instead of trash talking females of all ages, why not stand up for them instead? Why not walk away from male conversations that trash-talk women and girls? Better yet, say something to make it stop? Men have no backbone, not even when it comes to their family members. It's sickening. This is male privilege.

Have I experienced sexual harassment? Of course I have. I'm female so you can take that for granted. It happens to every female, no exceptions. We get it in the workplace. We get it in public places. We get it in family gatherings. We get it in places of higher learning. We get it in the local hardware store. We get it everywhere. Sometimes it's a violent attack, sometimes it's less vicious yet still very frightening and intimidating. Sometimes it's implied and sometimes it's so subtle that we sound like angry people looking for a victim to attack when we talk about it. Believe me, when you've been victim to the covert sexist attacks, you know it. You can feel it in the knot in your gut.

Some of the worst perpetrators in my life are family members. A number of years back, my uncle made a comment about young girls luring grown men so it's the girl's fault when men sexually assault them. I was stunned and incredulous. I replied that every girl, every woman is some man's daughter. I doubt I got through to him.

The person who has made the biggest, worst impact on my life and on my children's lives is in the family I married into. When I was visiting family over US Thanksgiving recently, my b-i-l made a rude, sexist joke about his wife's mental state because she is a woman. Right in the middle of the #Me Too news cycle! I was horror struck. He STILL thinks it's ok to demean women. He is furious with me because I told him to stop the female bashing. Can you imagine? There is no way to get through to this man. From the day I met him, he demeaned his sister, me and any other female he thought of. I watched him demean my little daughter as she grew up, at the same time encouraging my son. There in a nutshell, is sexism.

It is designed to beat down females, even young girls, to undermine their sense of worth and contribution to the world. My son was NEVER a target in this manner. This is a close family member who claims to care for his niece and nephew. Unbelievable.

I told b-i-l to stop trashing his wife and other females. He said he was just making a joke. A joke at anyone's expense is not funny, it's cruel. Because it was phrased in joke form, it was tough to complain about it without sounding like a harridan but you know it's mean-spirited when it gives you a lump in the gut. That lump is still there.

I told my him I will never again let him off the hook for his sexist statements. His dear, lovely wife told me he didn't mean it and I should brush it off. Then why did he say it? Of course he meant it. She just wants everyone to get along. He accused me of making trouble but I reminded him that I was not the one who started it and that he is the one raising his very loud voice. I just want it to stop. I owe this to my daughter, d-i-l and tiny granddaughters.

After all, this female bashing is why Hillary Rodham Clinton lost the election of November 8, 2017, and Donald Trump lives in the White House.

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First Frost This Morning 28.9F/-1C

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The season's killing frost arrived this morning. Isn't this rather late in the season for it?

I haven't ventured outdoors but looking out the window I see frost sparkles everywhere. As long as you are warm and safe inside, it's a beautiful sight to see.


Crabapple Season

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I was gifted a goodly batch of very red crabapples, moe than I could manage in one day. This is when I became creative.

A batch of crabapple spread quicly came together. I put enough water in the bottom of a large pan and boiled the craabpples, breaking them into bits with a potato masher. I hot water bathed them in 1 cup jars. I did nothing fancy with the crabapples. All I did was cook them down and run them through an antique Foley mill that I inherited from my mother-in-law. They the crabapple suace got sweetened to taste and Voila! there are several jars of Crabapple Spread on the storage shelf.

The next bath I repeated the the bliling process


Open Hike From Valley Mills To Marble Mountain At 1:00 p.m. On Monday, October 23, 2017

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An open hike will be held between Valley Mills and Marble Mountain at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, 23 October, 2017.

We will meet at Marble Mountain Hall at 1:00. From there we will carpool to the Valley Mills Fire Hall and walk over North Mountain, ending at the Marble Mountain Hall.

The hike will take from 2 to 3 hours, at most. The hike is not strenuous. Wear good hiking footwear.

Rain Date: Monday, 23 October, 2017.

This promises to be a fun time. The foliage colours will be brilliant.

All are welcome.


Free Basil Plants! Get 'em While They're Not Cold

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Free basil plants!

I have small ones in the garden and they don't take much cold.

I'll be happy to give them to anyone who comes for them.

They won't last much longer outdoors.

Bring a container. Otherwise they'll go home with you wrapped in newspaper.