6/7/20 Maggie Davis
News,Hate and Manipulation<br><br> Published

We Have A Problem With Truth (Or Gullibility Or Hate)<br><br>

The problem is global. There are endless conspiracy theories circulating, much of it meant to create hate toward any particular ethnic group or race. <br><br>

This has got to stop. Even in my tucked-away little neighborhood, hate and derision spread. Much of it is hidden, nestled into yet smaller communities, isolating back into the woods or up a mountain, sequestered among their own group. Nearly all of it is coming from people who moved here with the expectation that none of the people they hate will also move here. Their cruel talk is aimed at people with a darker complexion. Or people who move here from disadvantaged places. It is sickening that that kind of culture exists among us but we are live-and-let-live people so we do our best to not let it get to us.<br><br>

Right now, Black Lives Matter is a global awakening of how we treat people of colour or "other" ethnicity. It began with the choking death of George Lloyd by a policemen who killed him by kneeling on his neck for 8 minutes 46 seconds. Mr. Lloyd was dead after 5 minutes. With a US federal government led by an amoral, cruel man who gets pleasure by hurting people, police feel encouraged to kill, inflict pain and injure ordinary citizens with impunity, as they have done for many years. White supremacy militias are running rampant. This has got to stop. No one of any race or gender or age is safe. There are videos popping up of white people, elderly and children suffering horrible attacks by policemen aimed at not only ethnic people but also those who simply do not agree. <br><br>

Nearly all of those same people don't believe Covid 19 exists or that it isn't harmful. They go out in public, not covering their mouths and noses, shedding virus that they deny exits. They do it without any consideration for vulnerable souls who will then get ill, suffer permanent organ damage or die. Those same people who are spreading the disease then expect the very best of medical care available to them when they get ill with it. Hypocrites. Evil, self-serving, callous and heartless people who think only of themselves with no regard whatsoever for others. They are the reason there is so much Covid 19 circulating. <br><br>

Why do they believe so much garbage? There is no shortage of lies, fake news and outright manipulation to be found on the internet. There is also an abundance of truth circulating, yet the garbage is what they CHOOSE to believe and spread further. What kind of people do this? It often resembles just plain stupidity or a disordered mind. What kind of character do they have - or lack?<br><br

Internet entities make money by allowing this idiocy and cruelty to spread. They make an unfathomable amount of money at the expense of vulnerable people and they don't care. All that matters to them is using us for their profit, Facebook most notoriously. Around the world, elections are interfered with in this way. This is how Trump came to be president of the US, the same country he is actively destroying and will possible have another 4 years with which to continue his rampage. This is why I am no longer on Facebook and its other site, Instagram. I've no idea why Mark Zuckerberg needed two social platforms upon which to spread that which should be banned. <br><br>

When you can't face reality, you'll easily embrace conspiracy. - John Pavlovitz <br><br>

Click on the link below to a video by John Pavlovitz.