6/2/20 Maggie Davis

Trump Orders Troops To Assault Peaceful Protesters. Is this going to be another Kent State?

4 Dead In Ohio. I remember the shooting of young students at Kent State University protesting the Vietnam war, when soldiers were instructed to open fire on the peaceful crowd - and they did so, without compunction. <br><br>

That shooting was ordered by another very damaged, criminal, insecure, power hungry President, Richard Nixon. He was charged with illegally trying to win the election. He eventually resigned in shame for his crimes. He was considered the worst president in US history. Until now. There is no question that Trump has surpassed Nixon by far as the worst president. <br><br>

I look at the military and police with their weapons, heavy duty weapons at that, aimed at the unarmed crowds, assaulting them with rubber bullets and tear gas and I think that I have seen this before, it looks familiar. It ended with 4 students dead on the campus of Kent State University. Will this happen all over again? Trump has stated that he would like it. <br><br>

Steve Schmidt: Watching Trump preen in front of St. John’s Church, moments after he threatened to deploy the American military against the American people, with a bible held above his head, I remembered this quote, “when facism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. <br><br>