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A loss

Category Personal loss
So far I am sticking with my exercise and dietary changes (mostly - just not eating cookies in the afternoon and a chunk of cheese in the evenings) and I am now down to 190 pounds. The best part is feeling better - I have a lot more energy and I am enjoying the exercises. The plus side (for Maggie) is that I seem to have taken over all of the cooking. I started doing a lot more cooking when she was in class a year ago and continued this when she became professionally busy. Now I seem to have more free time (less time on facebook - and few billable hours) I'm doing the menu planning, shopping and cooking. The difficult part is that while I have always taken on a share of the culinary duties over the years, I cooked "man food" (i.e meat and potatoes) now I am trying to eat semi-vegetarian (meat stock is OK or meat can be used for flavoring) during the week so it means I have to learn how to make vegetarian meals which are outside my cooking comfort zone. I certainly think I have mastered Risottos, but I have yet to make the perfect paella (although I am getting closer and closer)


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