A Flynn story

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Flynn our 9 year old Border Collie has/had an infection that required antibiotics. We hide his pills in peanut butter or stick them in the homemade portion of his dog food. Occasionally he finds them and spits them out and occasionally I have had to resort to the stick the pill in his mouth and hold it shut until it dissolves approach. Yesterday, I gave him his food with an immersed pill. I was walking by as he was finishing eating and there at the bottom of the bowl sat the pill. Flynn looked at me, I looked at him, he gave me a reproachful look and then licked the pill up and swallowed it. He never fails to amaze me.


Tenacity - thy name is Flynn

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Our male border collie, Flynn has a broken paw - it's swollen to almost twice it's normal size and very painful for him when I even try to touch it. Despite the obvious pain, he will not be deterred from anything that resembles work. We're devoid of sheep, so the frizzbie and a transient fox are the articles of his attention. If I am willing to throw the frizzbie down the hill, he is more than willing to run after it at full speed. Every morning he visits the hundred or so sites around the property that the fox visits during the night to cover up the smell - gives new meaning to the term "pissing contest". It takes an hour or so, but he gamely limps from tree to tree until everything is watered. I took him to the vet today, who pretty much said there wasn't much to do but allow it to heal on it's own and that we should try to cut his activity down a little for a few days. She said "instead of throwing the frizzbie 100 times - just throw it 20 or 30 times - that should be enough rest to let it heal." (Yes, he doesn't look a thing like the border collie in the movie "Babe" but he is the real thing - just much larger than expected at 65 pounds and short haired, but he is 110% border collie - if you have any doubts bring a sheep by to visit)