Out of the Limelight
"A History of Marble Mountain" by Don Pillar
was released to critical aclaim in 2014
and is currently sold out
Visitors to Marble Mountain can understandably be forgiven for never considering that Marble Mountain was ever anything other than just another small, sleepy Cape Breton community.

Time and the regenerative processes of nature have combined to very effectively conceal Marble Mountain’s past. The huge abandoned quarry cut into the side of the hillside suggests that “something big” may have occurred here. The quarry, however, is like the tip of an iceberg...so much more lurks beneath, hidden from view and awaiting to be discovered.

Through pictures and text, Out of the Limelight chronicles the complete story of Marble Mountain from its beginning days as part of North Mountain, through the period in which it stood boldly “in the limelight” on the stage of Canadian industry, to the present day in which Marble Mountain embraces its role as a vibrant tourist and recreation destination. Marble Mountain is truly a very special place with an equally special Past
“Like an aging actress, clinging to a tattered scrapbook of cherished memories of performances long ago, Marble Mountain also seems to be coyly inviting questions about her past. The old buildings and derelict structures, which with the passage of time are becoming fewer and fewer, entice the observer to probe the past and to discover the heady days when Marble Mountain stood in the limelight of industry.
“With these imaginative, dramatic words, Don Pillar concludes Out of the Limelight. Complete with scores of photographs, maps, charts, a useful index, references and several informative appendices, this book is a major contribution to the accounts of the history and heritage of Inverness County.” “Pillar cherishes the memories of the community and the lives of its residents, both living and deceased. Again and again, the author reveals his deep affection for the people about whom he writes.”
                                                                       -Jim St. Clair (Inverness County Historian)
"Out of the Limelight"
187 pages
Over 160 photos and illustrations

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